Veltys is proud to have supported the French National Rugby League in its bid for the TOP 14 and PRO D2 audiovisual rights

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The Ligue Nationale de Rugby tender for the audiovisual rights to the TOP 14 and PRO D2 has been won by GROUPE CANAL PLUS for a record sum of €696.8 million for the 2027-2032 cycle.

GROUPE CANAL PLUS yesterday won all four lots of the LNR’s call for tenders for the domestic audiovisual rights to the TOP 14 and PRO D2 and will thus have exclusive broadcasting rights to TOP 14 and PRO D2 matches and magazines for the 2027-2032 cycle.

The total value of the rights is €696.8 million over five seasons, representing an average amount per season of €139.4 million, an increase of 14.7% on the current value of the rights. All the reserve prices have been exceeded, and both championships will benefit from very high exposure, with 3 matches and 2 magazines per weekend on the Canal+ channel.

Veltys had the pleasure of assisting the LNR in preparing this call for tenders. In particular, Veltys carried out an in-depth economic analysis of the market and designed the award procedure for the four lots. Veltys also drafted the methodological notes detailing all the procedures for awarding the rights.

Jean-Baptiste Vilain Veltys“We would like to congratulate the Ligue Nationale de Rugby on this excellent result, which will give them and the clubs long-term visibility to continue developing professional rugby. It has been a great pleasure to work for many months with the NRL’s teams and other advisors on this tender.” Jean-Baptiste Vilain – Director of the Sports & Auctions practice at Veltys


‘The new increase in audiovisual rights resulting from this call for tenders will enable professional rugby to look to the future with confidence and to continue its dynamic development. The work carried out with Veltys, which has been working with us on a number of strategic projects over the last ten years, has undoubtedly made a major contribution to this success.” Emmanuel Eschalier, CEO of the Ligue Nationale de Rugby.



The Veltys team that accompanied the LNR was made up of Philippe Février, Jean-Baptiste Vilain, Robin Beuraud and Guilhem Lameiras.