Data is one of the essential parts of the transformation of health systems.
Organisation of care services, patient support, discovery and implementation of new therapeutic solutions and innovative materials: data is everywhere. The volume, diverse nature, and complexity of the information to be gathered… those working within health system need support to structure, analyse and make the best use of these databases

This is the role of the Health Practice.

Florimond Bourdeaux
Health Practice Manager

After ENS Cachan university and a master’s degree in Public Policy and Development at the Paris School of Economics, Florimond arrived at Veltys even before its official launch.

A master in the management of high-stakes projects, he took the helm of the Health Practice after having supported around fifty public establishments.

Versatile, he is able to estimate an instrumental regression model as well as build the disruptive business plan of a biface platform. An incorrigible whistler and a great trumpeter, he is the optimistic incarnation of the Businessman from Starmania.

Arthur Souletie
Health Practice Manager

A graduate of ENS Cachan, ENSAE and the Paris School of Economics (PSE), a holder of a doctorate in economics from the PSE, with a specialisation in econometrics and health.

After initial experience at the General Directorate of the Treasury as an economist on public expenditure and energy issues, Arthur joined Veltys, where he has notably developed the health practice and, more generally, public sector areas.

Our expertise

Those involved in health will have to rely more and more on data produced outside their organisation, which will be complementary to their own data. This involves understanding the data issues of very different entities.

Veltys, due to its in-depth knowledge of these entities, and the numerous data missions carried out for each of them (over 50 missions carried out with establishments, supervisory authorities such as the Ministry of Health and private companies in the sector), makes it possible to make the link between the various stakeholders, ensuring them a high level of reliability and techniques.

We help you:

The Health Practice supports you in the construction of your data sectors and the structuring of use-cases, whether you are a public sector company (regional health care sectors, service efficiency, etc.) or private (pricing, supply, R&D issues around real-life data, etc.), at all stages of the data value chain:

  • The creation of databases

Identification of the various possible sources, development of tools to promote extraction or compliance, chaining, support on regulatory issues and IT questions, etc.

  • The challenges of promoting health databases at all levels

(academic, industrial, monetary), both for producers (healthcare establishments, researchers, care networks) and data operators (pharmaceutical, MedTech, Biotech)

  • Taking into account the specificities of the health sector in data analysis

Support for transformation, integration of local and global regulatory constraints.

  • Their Experience
    This project has allowed the GHT (regional hospital trust) to relaunch a dynamic by site, and at the same time to consolidate the GHT vision that I have promoted since the establishment of the joint management. This allowed the teams to understand the constraints of each site, to see that some were common and others individual, and that good practice deserved to be mentioned. It also highlighted the work already undertaken following stage 1, to quantify the potential for improvement, and to update the action plan. In addition, the regional vision makes it possible to compare the GHT’s sites with the conclusions from other hospitals.”
    Jessica Dollé
    ancienne DAF de la direction commune du GHT GPNE
  • Their Experience
    ORFEH (Optimisation of billing and payment in hospitals) “allows us to re-examine the measures put in place and their efficiency, as well as possible new measures in the face of regulatory and financial developments, new internal dynamics, and the impact of a departmental or even regional dynamic.
    Yohann Mourier
    DAF du centre hospitalier de Saint-Denis, GHT Plaine de France