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Colossal volumes of data are produced every year along the supply chain: the flow of goods is coupled with the flow of data.

Just think of temperature-controlled track & trace packages with IoT sensors for an idea of data diversity and velocity to comprehend their full meaning. The functional supply chain has become strategic for companies, playing a driving role in the ability to gain market share.

Since the pandemic, situations leading to necessary disruptions have increased: emergency construction of air bridges, shortage of raw materials, insufficient transport capacity, volatility of transport prices, etc. Faced with this instability that professionals in the sector say is becoming standard, the ability to anticipate and model the consequences of these new requirements using data has become essential for controlling and optimising activities. 

Julie Tisserond
Directrice Practice Transport & Logistique

Julie joined Veltys with several years of experience in strategy and organization consulting.

She is unparalleled in her ability to manage a project from A to Z. Her experience and background give her a natural ease in both technical and strategic aspects. She puts all her energy into accompanying her clients and their teams in reaching their best level.

Passionate about strategy, consulting and management, Julie also has a passion for research, in the purest Veltys tradition, since after obtaining her degree in economics from the University of Paris 1, she obtained a doctorate at the economics laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique. As Director of Veltys Advisory, she is also head of the Transport & Logistics Practice.


Colossal volumes of data are produced every year along the supply chain
Our expertise
Creating an effective data strategy
We support carriers and logisticians in defining their 3-5 year data strategy, in line with their business ambitions. This orientation is based on the entire data value chain (use-cases, data management and technology) to secure the core business (optimise operations, etc.) and innovate with new business models (data monetization, platform, etc.)
Developing data services to promote agility 
We develop new value-added services for our customers: dynamic pricing, ETA prediction, storage optimisation, predictive maintenance… From proof-of-concept to complete integration into systems, we transform data to better manage or generate profits

Improving the quality of the regional network
We have produced a tool to model and visualize the potential activities for setting up new points of sale, logistics platforms, etc. By combining your business expertise and the power of our models, we offer you decision-making assistance to support your ambitions for growth or rationalization of your network

Strengthening the resilience of the supply chain 
We carry out a stress test to assess the risks in your supply and distribution chain. Economic modelling and data simulations are used to quantify disruption scenarios and then develop action plans (tactical or strategic)

trillion euros
The size of the worldwide logistics market
(Source : Statista)
  • Leur Expérience

     “We have been working with Veltys for more than three years on transformative subjects, fundamental to staying one step ahead in our sector, which is traversed by strong currents of disruption.

    With their unparalleled expertise in data intelligence, they have enabled us to incubate new businesses, while simultaneously leading and improving our traditional businesses.

    Their integrity and know-how, beyond their technical qualities, make them real partners.”

    Marie-Christine LOMBARD
    Présidente du Directoire Geodis
Our primary concern is to overcome your business challenges. We support transport and logistics stakeholders (freight forwarders, airlines, etc.) and their consumers (supply chain management, etc.) to address market supply and demand and understand all the strategic issues. Data analysis and modelling are then means of factualizing business intuitions and creating data solutions with high added value.