A French strategy consultancy firm for general management, specialising in data intelligence

Our commitment

We share social and environmental ambitions

We work with our clients to ensure that the recommended transformation and our strategic support are part of an approach encompassing sustainability, inclusion and innovation.

On a daily basis, we are working towards reducing our carbon footprint and are committed to being an even better example.

Signatory of the Planet Tech’Care Charter
Support DecarbonAction by Riposte Verte
Ogaia Partner ‘Energy conscious’ engineering
Rzilient supplier, refurbished IT equipment
Affiliated to the Economics and Statistics Research Centre

We are committed to the fight against discrimination and in 2021 obtained an EGAPRO Index of 89%.

We focus closely on the development of our employees. Their skills and employability are developed through tailor-made career paths. Progression is formalised and transparent, as are the related salaries. 

A mentoring programme is in place. 

There is a budget dedicated to integration and team cohesion.


A responsible digital approach is crucial for sustainable development. We have adopted a purchasing policy which favours refurbished computer equipment.

Indicators are established, through the analysis of our carbon footprint, in order to measure and manage the reduction of our greenhouse gas emissions.

We explore and apply best practices in terms of data frugality.

Data frugality


Veltys adopts concrete measures and the most eco-responsible behaviour possible regarding exploitation of data and the energy consumption that this generates:

  • we monitor our servers and our energy consumption
  • we organise considered and frugal data collection with a pre-established objective
  • we use AI by controlling the use of resources to offer our customers relevant and reasoned models