How much AI is being used in consulting firms?

Kéa and Veltys were interviewed by about our vision of the role played by AI in consulting firms.

For Romain Aeberhardt, Partner Veltys and Chief Scientific Officer, the very high proportion of AI assignments recently put forward by many consultants is due to the fact that AI is taken in a broad sense:
“Everything that used to be called “data”, “machine learning” or “statistics” is now referred to as “AI”.
The split between decisional (or predictive) AI and generative AI is largely in favour of the former in consulting budgets in general, although Gen AI is taking up more and more space”.

Yves Pizay, Kéa Senior Partner specialising in the Insurance and Artificial Intelligence sector, observes that “everything we hear or read about artificial intelligence could have been said about digital ten years ago. The term itself has become a catch-all phrase”.
He confirms that “there will be a shift in consultanting budgets towards issues labelled as AI” in the future. With one conviction: AI is a solution for taking the search for performance a step further.

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IA dans le conseil