There’s more to life than machine learning!

Econometric methods are a major asset in the toolbox of data scientists


“There’s more to data life than generative AI and deep learning! The modelling methods presented by Veltys are particularly useful for tackling certain problems of causality, explainability and endogeneity, and have a place of choice in the data scientist’s toolbox. I’d like to thank Veltys Academy for this fascinating, high-quality training course with some brilliant speakers.” Michel Lutz, Chief Data Officer and Head of Data at the TotalEnergies Digital Factory

Read the testimonial from Michel Lutz, accompanied by Rim Baccour and Mark Hobballah, both data scientists, who share their feedback after the Veltys Academy training course in econometric methods, given by Romain Aeberhardt Partner and Chief Scientist Officer and Nicolas Dupuis Partner and Director of the Retail practice.

The aim of the course was to acculturate the team to econometrics in order to encourage the ten participants to take a step away from the Machine Learning reflex.

The participants summed up the course’s contribution in three points:

  • Inspiring: a new perspective possible thanks to econometrics
  • Taking a step back: effective integration of econometric concepts into internal processes
  • Concrete results: rapid adoption of these methods in the day-to-day work of the Data team