« Industries and Businesses are going through profound changes. In this environment, some strategic themes require a Partner who provides insight, professionalism, reactivity, execution and is trustworthy.
We have found these skills at Veltys and the company is working with us on our global Data Strategy. There are many opportunities in this field and taking the right decisions will have an impact on JCDecaux’s model and on its future.
Philippe Février and his team are valuable to help us manage this transformation. »

Jean-Charles DECAUX, Co-CEO 

Discover VIOOH, the joint-venture between JCDecaux & Veltys 

« We have been working with Veltys for more than three years on transformative topics that are essential to stay one step ahead of our competition, in a context of major market disruptions.

Thanks to their unrivalled expertise in data intelligence, they have enabled us to incubate new ventures, while simultaneously accompanying us on the improvement of our traditional activities.

Beyond their technical toolkit, their integrity and theirs soft skills make them real partners.»

Marie-Christine LOMBARD, CEO

Discover UPPLY, the joint-venture between GEODIS & Veltys 

« We have been working with Veltys for a long time. Among other things, Veltys has assisted us in the last call for tenders for the TV broadcasting rights of the 2020-2024 period.
The call for tenders was a major success. We attained exceptional amount that we had never reached before. Veltys has been crucial in preparing and executing this mission.
Veltys also helps us on a more regular basis for Data Mining and for Business Intelligence at the LFP. What Veltys calls to mind: professionalism, proximity and availability. »



« The National Rugby League has been working with Veltys on various strategic projects, notably the auction process for the TV rights and the steering of the processes linked to the regulation of professional rugby, in the economic as well as in the training domains. Thanks to its expertise, Veltys can support the League and help it adopt a strategic view on these topics and on their implementation. With its professionalism, overarching vision and accuracy, Veltys can help the League have a more adequate management of its most complex projects. »

Paul GOZE, President and Emmanuel ESCHALIER, CEO