Planet Tech’Care is the first initiative to bring together a network of partners (professional organisations, schools, associations, foundations, think tanks), which aims to support companies wishing to integrate digital technology into their environmental trajectory and to support training professionals in the development of responsible digital skills.


Veltys is committed to this initiative, convinced that a responsible approach to digital technology is essential to the ecological transition. Through the Planet Tech’Care support programme, we aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our activity and services and to raise the awareness of our clients and suppliers so that all the players in the digital ecosystem are able to contribute to reducing their own impact on their areas of responsibility.


The signatories of the Planet Tech’Care manifesto recognise that environmental change is having negative effects on human societies, ecosystems and the global economy. negative effects on human societies, ecosystems and the global economy. They consider that its consequences generate risks, but also opportunities for the entire digital industry.


Nicolas Forgues, Veltys Factory director and initiator of the signature, explains :


“We signed the Planet Tech’Care manifesto with a clear objective: to drive our own transformation while absolutely avoiding green washing. The initiative provides its signatories with quality resources and access to an ecosystem of concerned players. This is the beginning of a path that we are happy to take, with the first step being to measure our impact.”



Planet Tech’Care is a project run by Numérique Responsable de Numeum.