Data story: using Open Data to measure the economic fragility around hospitals

A key part of Veltys’ ability to build innovative solutions and find key insights for its clients is the exploitation of Open Data. Working with the Paris Regional Health Agency (ARSIF), Veltys was able to merge institutional data with open data to help the ARSIF understand the level of economic fragility in its patient catchment areas, and how this affects the operation and costs of hospitals and clinics in the region.

Working with the ARSIF, Veltys addressed this problem for the Paris region using a two-staged approach.

First, “identify and measure impacts”: In order to help hospitals better understand their catchment area we created an objective and robust indicator that measured the impact of economic fragility on organizations and management.

Second, “action plans”: Using this indicator we were able to build operational levers at both micro and macro levels. These levers enabled us to optimize hospital organization through tailor-made action plans and provide the ARSIF with a toolset to objectively understand and address the economic and financial challenges faced by hospitals. Combined, these levers boosted hospital efficiency and performance, while also ensuring the ARSIF was equipped to monitor and support organizations in difficulty.

Open Data was key to the success of our approach. By exploiting the rich data available from the INSEE, we were able to conduct analysis at a very fine level of granularity (the “IRIS” level is a statistical unit homogeneous geographical area with populations of 5,000 or less). These data also enabled us to expand the scope of analysis so that it included 11 variables reflecting four dimensions of fragility (income, employment, education and dependence on social services).  As these data exist across the entire French territory, our methodology is reproducible and scalable for any hospital in France, which often face similar challenges.

By combining institutional data with open data, Veltys was able create a synthetic measure of economic fragility as well as build insights into its drivers and how it affects institutional performance (length of stay, recovery and case management). Since 2015, Veltys has helped 17 institutions in the Paris region better understand their patients’ economic status, and how this affects services. Using these insights, the ARSIF and its hospitals have improved service efficiency and secured their financial sustainability.

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