Call for tenders and auctions

Auctions are used in many sectors: on the sell side (online advertising, spectrum auctions, TV rights, right to pollute…) as well as on the buy side (procurement contracts, public contracts…). Over the past 10 years, we have built an expertise, unmatched in France, to create, or to respond to, auctions. By leveraging this unique experience, our clients are stronger and more efficient.

We are consummate experts in the fields of call for tenders and auctions. We bring together a perfect understanding of game theory and an in-depth knowledge of the market considered. We help our client choose between various types of auctions: first or second price, ascending or descending, simultaneous or sequential!

We devise auction set-ups hand in hand with the legal and operational teams of our client to meet his goals. We start by studying and understanding the market, the players (firms and / or consumers) and the products. This stage allows us to structure the lots and create the best suited procedure. We calibrate all the parameters in compliance with the regulatory framework.

When our client is bidding in an auction, our task is to optimize his bidding strategy depending on his goals, his budget and the rules of the auction. Thanks to our theoretical and practical expertise, we shift all the rules to identify the threats and opportunities and to help the client build the most efficient answer.

Competition and Regulation

We bring an expertise in Economics to legal departments of companies and to law firms. Thanks to our perfect command of theoretical models and of the data analysis techniques, we can create a model for the case and provide the quantitative data to support the legal rhetoric.

In competition law, we cover cartels, unilateral practices and concentration. We are also specialized in the assessment of compensatory damages in many fields: breach of competition regulation, sudden termination of business relations, disparagement, patent rights violation. Finally, we are active on topics related to economic regulation, especially in the energy, telecoms and sports fields.

We regularly present our economic conclusions to various jurisdictions: European Commission, national Competition Authorities, State Council, Court of Appeal, Commercial courts.

Advanced Analytics

Data has become a strategic asset for firms. They need to structure themselves to value and use data efficiently.

By bringing together business expertise, data analysis and modelling, we can answer data-related issues in fields ranging from pricing, rebating, promotion policy, product mix and sales forecasting to customer journey, supply chain management, costs analysis and location strategy.

Thanks to our unique approach which blends data science and economic theory, we help our clients keep the control over their data and develop their competitive edge.

We provide economic and a business meaning to the behaviors revealed in the internal and external data and we can infer operational recommendations. Thanks to our technical toolbox, from linear econometrics to the most advanced machine learning algorithms and the full range of statistical models (time series, random forests, KNN, SVM…), we can extract the highest value from the data.

Finally, we believe that data can only be used to its full potential if our clients adopt the techniques and implement the models themselves. Transmission of the methods, structuring and training, implementing the organization around the data: we leave nothing to chance and deliver the tools needed in a data-driven environment.

Artificial Intelligence

Image recognition, natural language processing, predictive maintenance, fraud detection… Artificial Intelligence has deeply transformed the way we work.

In relation with our research activity, we help our clients enter the field of AI which requires strong knowledge in IT and statistics. For our clients to keep the control of these technologies, we provide strategic consulting and technical expertise. Our clients can adopt these new forms of intelligence by applying them to their practical cases.

Deep Learning, transfer learning or reinforcement learning, convolutional or recurrent neural networks, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to find the technique best suited to their situation and their data. We help them develop and implement the best models so they perform better every day.

New economic models

The emergence of two-sided platforms and of new types of competition has transformed many markets. Internet companies were the first to seize the boom in data. Now these trends offer opportunities to all the companies which are able to transform their business.

We bring our clients our experience in the definition of new economic models to support them in the transformation.

Whether our client needs to create a platform in which a traditional company and customers can meet, to identify and implement a strategic pivot or to enter a new market, the innovations need to be radical and to rely on a perfect knowledge of data, algorithms and economic theory.

With our combination of data expertise and understanding of the new economy, we help clients be more efficient on their core business, protect against disintermediation and find new sources of value.

Data strategy

Today, companies need to define their data strategy and implement the operational set-up to sustain it. This involves all the layers of the company: strategic, technical, human and operational. To succeed in this transformation, the company needs to control all these aspects. The entire process needs to support the business issues and the requirements of the company.

We believe that a data strategy is built step-by-step, in the long term. Whatever the maturity of our client, we help meet his operational and strategic needs. Our expertise lets us operate efficiently on all topics, ranging from the creation of data-related services, recruitment and training to the implementation of the organizational and governance set-up and the choice of infrastructure.