Veltys models: an asset for your strategic planning

Our edge

Our analytical and modeling expertise help companies resolve a host of strategic and operational concerns.


With our innovative and effective solutions, clients are guaranteed to improve their performance, exceed their targets and develop a decisive competitive advantage.


Data management

Our big data solutions are the fruit of extensive database management experience. They are optimized to organize, analyze and enrich company data.


Our innovative tools – which cover the full range from database architecture to the development of reliability indicators – guarantee our clients optimal real-time management of their data. They can thus secure outstanding performance while preserving the confidentiality and integrity of their data.

Sales and marketing strategies

Our recommendations are based on sector-specific knowledge and tailor-made models that integrate the most innovative economic and statistical tools. They enable our clients to make the best decisions and respond quickly and effectively to their customers’ expectations and competitors’ moves.


Whether they are used to anticipate consumer needs and reactions, effectively launch a new product, optimize pricing or galvanize their network, our solutions give our clients a decisive competitive advantage.

Digital strategy and big data

To help our clients take advantage of the opportunities afforded by big data, Veltys offers innovative solutions for collecting and efficiently using the huge amounts of data produced every day on the Internet.


Veltys helps companies develop their RTB strategy, optimize customer experiences on their e-commerce sites, or organize and exploit the data produced by connected devices.

Supply chain and distribution

To help our clients manage their logistical operations more efficiently, we offer targeted, innovative optimization solutions.


Our tools allow our clients to better anticipate their needs and provide them with a big-picture look at production from start to finish. Veltys solutions ensure optimal, continuous stock management and resource allocation, which in turn contributes to effective risk management.

Calls for tender and auctions

Companies and public institutions regularly contact Veltys for support through their calls for tender for products in areas of particular strategic or financial value (TV rights, spectrum, etc.).


Underpinned by our experience and the most recent advances in auction theory, we offer our clients tailored support through every step of these complex processes. We help them to draft effective calls for tender that meet their strategic goals and to optimize their own important tenders.


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