We work with our clients to develop solutions suited to their problems

The Veltys method

At Veltys, we know success depends on regular exchanges with our clients. A close relationship ensures we provide them with pertinent advice and bespoke solutions that address all of their requirements.


We work as closely as possible with your operational teams to forge and maintain a constant line of communication linking data exploration, statistical modeling and the reality on the ground. We present our results in a clear and instructive way. We deliver them by way of a report or data-processing software.

We collect and organize internal and external data and information. We then perform descriptive analysis in order to deepen our understanding of the market and compare it with the client’s in preparation for statistical modeling.

We exploit all of the available data to model economic phenomena related to the client’s desired focus (consumers, competitors, price, etc.). Our analyses are underpinned by recognized, battle-tested techniques, which we use to create models tailored to our clients’ issues and data. Our models are systematically tested and compared with the client’s market knowledge.

We then use the results produced by our models and work with the client to draft operational recommendations that suit the company’s processes and requirements. Our tools enable us to draft dynamic strategic recommendations that adapt to market changes.

We support our clients as they implement our recommendations and adapt them for a perfect fit within the company. We also provide follow-up support and updates of the model and results.