Innovative scientific methods to resolve complex problems

The Veltys advantage stems from our ability to model economic phenomena to resolve the issues our clients face. We use external data to complement our clients’ data and build models that provide concrete and efficient solutions.

A descriptive approach

We always begin our statistical analyses with a descriptive phase, which allows us to become thoroughly familiar with the market and paves the way for the model.


Descriptive statistics are always excellent tools for summarizing large databases. They offer an initial overall view of the market in question. It is a crucial step for identifying the principal variables to be used in the model.

The advantages of statistical modeling

Models enable us to simultaneously consider all of the factors that might explain a variable in order to establish causal relationships.


Once the model is ready, we test it against the realities of the market. The model enables us to make forecasts and simulate the impact of market changes, even when there are no data corresponding to such a situation. Models are thus incredible tools that empower companies to make the most profitable decisions.