Veltys: a strategic consulting firm specialized in data analysis and statistical modeling

On the cutting edge of operational research

Veltys was founded in 2012 by recognized researchers in economics and statistics to meet a growing demand from companies looking to better manage their data in order to improve operational performance.


Thanks to its consultants’ diverse experiences and skills, Veltys offers sector-specific expertise in all segments (industry, services, new technologies, public sector, etc.).


Exploit your data to its full potential


Fully exploiting big data has become a crucial challenge in every sector of the economy. Indeed, companies and consumers produce huge amounts of data on their activities and preferences every day.


By asking the right questions, Veltys makes this data tell a story and uses it to build tailor-made models. Veltys provides its clients with pertinent solutions to strategic issues to give them a real competitive edge.

Improved performance: the Veltys pledge

By integrating Veltys solutions in their daily management practices and long-term strategy, companies come to better understand their markets and in turn to make better decisions.


Veltys offers long-term support. We make sure our clients improve their operational performance and outperform their goals. This firm commitment guarantees success for Veltys and its clients.